Integrity, Results, Alignment


Integrity is at the core of our existence. Our business has been built around these principles.

Absolute commitment
Once we take on an engagement, we are married to it, regardless of whether it goes smoothly or there are unexpected challenges.
You get what you see
Our younger bankers are very skilled, but our senior bankers don’t just supervise: they do the work too.
No “management metrics” to hit, no non-employee shareholders to satisfy: every decision we take is for the long term.
Unbiased advice
No lending, asset management, or consulting agenda.
You make the call
We are up-front about the risks as well as the rewards of each process decision; we don’t put your deal at risk in order to prove how aggressive we are.

Middle market deals often pose unexpected challenges during the process: a dip in business results, loss of a long-term customer, “something bad” happening to the most likely buyer, a legal dispute…. This is where we live and how we add value. Talk to our former clients about how we handled adversity – not just from a technical point of view, but on the personal level. Whom do you want in your corner?